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Thursday, August 29, 2013

NCDA&CS posted a blog on a bed bug toptic: Travelers can take extra steps to sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite

Title: Travelers can take extra steps to sleep tight and not let the bedbugs bite

By Heather

Heather and I worked together to suggest "how to prevent bed bugs during travel" for North Carolinian during this Labor Day. 

She wrote an excellent article on the "In the Field" blog that shares inside information about the people and programs of the NCDA&CS. Here is the link: bed bug prevention during travel

During the Labor Day travel, here is a short synopsis of what you need to do for preventing bites from ugly bed bugs.

1. Ask the hotel front desk about their possible bed bug issues
2. Do your own inspection for bed bugs (You need a nice LED flashlight)
3. Avoid rooms with signs of bed bug infestation
4. Do extra steps of treatment (before you leave the hotel) if you believe you had encountered bed bugs (had bites or collected a sample of actual bed bugs)
5. If you think you brought bed bugs home with you after the trip, you may need to consult a professional pest control company or an exterminator, at the minimum for an inspection, and possibly for a treatment. You confirm your infestation with bed bugs or signs of bed bugs (not by bites on you).

If you believe you encounter bed bugs in a hotel room, switch your room right away to another one (I do not believe you need to change hotels). You can report a bed bug incident to a County Health Department.

Unless you have other complicated medical issues, you may not need to visit a doctor (however, this is up to you whether you want to visit a doctor or not).

You can find more information on 

You can visit reliable websites for further bed bug information. Here are the best three in North Carolina.

1. This website,
2. Sleep Products, SPSS, NCDA&CS

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